The sorry status of Go! IDEs

It is indeed the IDE which makes a developer feel powerful or powerless in front of common modern development challenges; I have used the most common IDEs, amongst the best I recall Visual Studio 6, Borland Delphi and NetBeans, that I still use nowadays.

In my recent adventure at using Go! language to port a simple game, I've found that Go! does not (yet) have an IDE made with love and care for the language.

I've tried Go-IDE (horrible MDI, will reopen the same file and cause crosswrites), NetBeans with the (in)famous plugin (IDE will not search into .go extension files, no Ctrl+click support, no nothing, just syntax highlighting) and then reverted back to my good old Geany.

Actually I've found that with the changes explained here:


It becomes a really good deal. Now back to coding ;)

Update 29 March: I found what I was looking for, golangide, awesome! :)

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