ODROID forum members Monthly Award of June

Yesterday I have received news that my project has won the ODROID community Project Monthly Award! Yuppiee!!
One more reason to party :)
Many thanks again to mdrjr and Lisa from Hardkernel for this awesome award - this is really one of the best forum communities I have ever partecipated in. 
I always start trying to make something cool with Gimp, then I end up with some awkward graphics like this. Fair enough, I can't do better anyway :)
This means an extra U2 to play with :) However, I have already 2 and I am not greedy, so I started thinking what it would be the natural usage of such great dev board...

Got any idea?

RetroArch! I quickly decided to have the RetroArch project, in the person of Squarepusher, receive this hardware as a gift for the best of both our growing communities. I see potential for the combination ODROID+RetroArch and on the U2 RetroArch truly shines as a comet of power and great features (like the RGUI).
See how poetic and generous I become when I think about my beloved U2 and retro gaming? :)

More to see on this channel...

My commitment to ODROID community and RetroArch will now be even more motivated. I keep taking care of these releases and news because, as I said in the beginning, I would like to see a skilled development community grow up around these great hardware/software projects.
I have plans for better integrated releases and also tighter testing/development support of RetroArch cores..keep tuned and/or join the efforts if you feel the challenge :)


  1. Now if only someone would gift you guys an Ouya...

    1. spoiler: I am not officially a member of RetroArch project, just a big fan :)

      The Ouya runs on Android and I strongly advise to not use it because performance there has a big handicap thanks to that OS.

      Instead, with almost same hardware, the ODROID U2 runs RetroArch cores great! For example snes9x-next and PCSX-ReARMed

    2. not almost same Hw...odroid has better HW!I have a tegra3 and due to very low bandwith..it's very choppy Soc!exynos 4412 it's the best of all A9 series..no doubts in that!

  2. Congrats.
    I am getting my c2 shortly and I can't wait!
    You can read all about it here :