Neagix' excellent (and unofficial) Debian Wheezy Development&Emulation SD image

I have packaged a minimal Debian Wheezy downloadable SD image which achieves the same goals of my previous tutorial (and adds a bit more).
What You See Is What You Will Get 1/3

What You See Is What You Will Get 2/3
What You See Is What You Will Get 3/3

Features of this release

  • very small (187M packed), based on odroid.us base rootfs image
  • using stable kernel 3.0.68 released by Hardkernel
  • X11 hardware accelerated EGL, GLESv1 and GLESv2 (through Hardkernel's proprietary drivers)
  • boots automatically into Xorg 
  • it will not automatically turn off HDMI output when idle (so be careful with your LCDs!)
  • basic development packages already installed (gcc, g++, make, autoconf, automake etc)
  • scripts to fetch and build my fork of retroarch (+ related libretro cores)
  • retroarch (with snes9x-next core) and retroarch-joyconfig ready-to-run binaries included (these versions have my patches)
  • testing scripts for sound and 3D

Coming soon features

  • 3.0.75 kernel (I am testing it before adding to next release, but if you prefer you can upgrade using this script)
  • 24bit HDMI output support (I am not sure about this)
The first time you boot the image it will automatically re-generate SSH keys and assign a random MAC address (see /root/bin/bootstrap.sh for reference), so it might take a few seconds longer.

See project home page and instructions to flash the SD image.

Many thanks to mdrjr and all the other nice IRC people for the help provided since the beginning!

DISCLAIMER: this SD image is not officially supported by Hardkernel, nor I assume any responsability for its use and misuse

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  1. Hi there,

    this is exactly what I've been looking for! At the Moment I'm using a Raspberry Pi with Retropie, but this ist to slow for some emulators..

    Can you tell je something about the performance on the odroid? I.e. SNES games with the Super-FX chip?

    Would it be possible to use another frostend like emulationstation?

    Best regards,

    1. I know, because I tried that Raspberry Pi :P

      Perfect SNES9X performance, also with Super-FX and other complex games. It's not the BSNES-level precision, but 99% the precision you can achieve with your laptop.

      I own the original games and I can say that it's definitively playable, no frame drops.