A couple of updates for odroid-wheezy-retro (kernel 3.0.79 and 3.8.13)

I have released 2 scripts to upgrade your odroid-wheezy-retro image to a more recent kernel:

  • upgrade-3.0.75-to-3.0.79.sh, this will upgrade to the most recent 3.0.y kernel. This is currently stable & supported (by me) and will be in next SD image release (0.0.7); also contains a patch to silence the fan message spam in kern.log
  • upgrade-3.0.y-to-3.8.13.sh, this is experimental and subject to change without notice. This script will upgrade to a recent (consider it a nightly build) 3.8 kernel, complete with modules
NOTE: it does not work perfectly with X/X2 e.g. you will have to fix some issues manually
I have not yet decided when to put 3.8 on the odroid-wheezy-retro image - I am going to do some testing before that.

If you are installing 3.8 remember to change your device from /dev/fb6 to /dev/fb1 in /etc/X11/xorg.conf

Official ODROID forum discussion here.

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