odroid-wheezy-retro 0.8.2 released: kernel 3.8 and updates

With this release I am proud to announce that 3.8.11 is stable enough for our retro-gaming purposes, thus it has been integrated in my retro image.

  • now using hardkernel official linux kernel
  • fixed support of Hardkernel upgrade script
  • added MFC firmware (s5p-mfc.fw)
  • supports XBMC (not included)
  • most recent Debian 7.1 packages
  • default partition size is now 2G
  • most recent RetroArch + cores
  • fixed bug with network at 1st boot

1 comment:

  1. Hi, tried to launch a .SMC rom trought the retroarch-phoenix launcher but nothing happened.

    Is it necessary to make an update or install any libraries after the image installation?

    Thanks, great work man :)