odroid-wheezy-retro: wishlist & work-in-progress

These days I have been hacking around the ODROID U2 to improve RetroArch performance and better exploit the device's features.

One important achievement is that DRI2_PAGE_FLIP is confirmed to not be negative (at least on 3.0 kernels), but instead gives a positive performance improvement, so please enable it in your xorg.conf configurations.

This is my current wishlist, in priority from most important to lowest:
  • good GPU performance on 3.8 kernel, there has been some progress on this front recently but we are not yet there, 3.0 gives best performance so far Update 1 September 2013: there has been some progress :)
  • G2D support on 3.8 kernel, a support comparable to 3.0 kernel
  • G2D example usage, see also my hello-g2d-odroid and this forum thread
  • G2D-accelerated X11 driver, this could definitively possible once we have a working example
  • MFC-accelerated video decoding, there has recently been some progress on this
  • VSYNC on 3.0 kernel, basically this patch needs to be back-ported so that VSYNC ioctl calls actually do wait for VSYNC - done! Thanks to mdrjr for the patch; it is however verified that VSYNC is not working because of a hardware issue with the HDMI PHY :(
The last one seems easy to accomplish, and the G2D example usage is definitively possible to complete, although nothing else is at my reach :(

G2D acceleration is important to achieve because it would help at scaling anything using the hardware acceleration SoC.

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