Why eBay should disappear tomorrow

I have been using (or better: being affected by...) eBay for almost a decade now. What is my opinion?

It's the worst corporate-blind company in the world, not caring a dime about its customers and enjoying a de facto monopoly as much as they can.
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This is the list of complaints I have for eBay:
  • crappy user interface that didn't change in the last years, no improvement, no nothing. If the cash cow is milking well, why change anything, right?
  • you cannot change the user interface language and it must be the same language of the nation you have a living address in. Microsoft has the same habit. The message I perceive is: we don't care about you people moving across country borders. How you dare!
  • The HTML editor is...horrible
  • if you save your item as a draft, and then save another item as a draft..*puff!* your previous item is gone. No warning, no nothing.
  • where are our well paid government officials when it's about antitrust? By buying PayPal they created the best monopoly ever, and basically you are forced to use it when using eBay. There are little to zero alternatives, and using others you loose all the "protected customer" rights
  • account verification is a joke. It has a lot of glitches, it keeps looping in a stupid sequence of 3 forms if you haven't yet verified your account from PayPal. So cheap for such a big company, and the problem has been there at least 5 years already!
  • it doesn't matter if your item is conform to description. If the buyer complains, he will get the money back. You are on the weak side by selling on eBay.
  • if you want to sell abroad, eBay will show you that you need 10 feedback comments and 90 days must have elapsed after last sale. But only after you completed the insertion, just to make it more fun for you.
 There are no sound alternatives that I know of, but I seriously hope that they will come to light...this online "service" already smells very bad these days.

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