Hello world!

A few words about myself: I could be considered a software developer on steroids, with a large interest area that I continuously feed by reading and learning (that's how I gained interest in IT). For the purposes of this blog I will not use my personal identity, I will talk about software development and other related tales.
8bit mario kart by killdoser666

After about a decade I finally convinced myself that blogging is not so bad - after all. Talk about stubborness.. ;)

It has actually been a combination of different factors pulling me back from using the blogging medium so far; first of all, I saw its very beginning and I was not convinced about the professionality or inherent value of blogs. I was probably struck by some very bad personal diaries back then. I made up my mind that there were better ways to present projects, persons, news etc. but I have changed this idea now.

It is clearly possible to use blogs in the right way (TM), and I am here to start practicing. So please be critic, I want your feedback!

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