My first RaspberryPi release

I have been tinkering a lot with Snes9x codebase and I was able to successfully use the hardware-accelerated display. Cool :)

In this process I've read many OpenGL ES tutorials and also seen some 2D examples about how to render on Raspberry PI, thus I wanted to properly format my achievements into a static library for multiple reasons: to help other newbies, to have it in good shape for my next Raspberry Pi 2D projects, and to sharpen my long-forgotten C++ skills :)

The library is C++ (with some C), not really packaged for portability but you should be able to use it with little efforts. There are some nice&interesting features, like:
  • support for hardware-provided scaling
  • tileset loading from PNG and index-based tile selection for drawing
  • render-to-texture (this is what you will use to port other software to Raspberry PI)
I am also using render-to-texture on the snes9x-rpi port (not yet released), thus I will mantain this library at least for some time.

Any feedback welcome! Enjoy

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