IDesk (fluxbox complement) forked

In odroid-debian-wheezy-retro I am using the great fluxbox as a very lightweight window manager. An useful addition would be icons on the desktop to quick-launch applications.

This is one of the screenshots found at original IDesk SourceForge project. Seriously? >.<

My first choice, fbdesk, is unfortunately broken, so I digged around and the available options for a lightweight desktop were rox-desktop and idesk. rox-desktop comes with a whopping 20 dependencies and idesk is outdated (2005).

The problem with adding so many depencies to a development-oriented distro is that it breaks the philosophy and goals behind it. Instead, by using the most lightweight choice (although less functional) you always leave the user the opportunity to easily make a choice and pick their own, and this is important.

I ended up picking up the orphaned codebase, applying a few patches and polishing it for 2013 :)

Here's my fork: https://github.com/neagix/idesk

I will be mantaining it for a while, so please feel free to use the github facilities to contribute with patches or issue reports.

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