odroid-wheezy-retro 0.7.1 released: now with desktop icons

0.7.1 released

From the ChangeLog:
  • added idesk as desktop manager
  • added all quicklaunch icons (lxterm, glxgears, es2gears, glmark2-es2, retroarch)
  • other minor improvements/fixes
  • version bump (to 0.7)


In this version I am glad to introduce a nice & handy addition: desktop icons!

Looks much better now
Due to the constraints of this image (to be lightweight and development-oriented) I did not want to add any proper desktop environment and I fixed & compiled idesk instead. It draws icons. That's all I wanted for this image.

You can launch straight-ahead from desktop the following:
  • LXterminal
  • GLX gears demo
  • ES2 gears demo
  • glmark2-es2 benchmark suite
  • RetroArch (with my patches)

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