odroid-wheezy-retro 0.0.7 released

0.0.7 released

In this release:
  • kernel 3.0.79 (with disabled fan PWM kern.log verbosity)
  • added xf86-video-sunxifb, you can enable it by copying /etc/X11/Xorg.conf-sunxi to /etc/X11/Xorg.conf
  • added glmark2-es2 binary
  • updated RetroArch binary
  • enabled HDMI 1080p output, (advice: disable it and use instead 720p to use RetroArch)
  • using EXT2 instead of EXT4
  • fixed a few issues related to bootstrapping
ODROID models X/X2/Q are supported by replacing kernel and modules before flashing to SD card, you can get them from mdrjr's builder download area.

Download odroid-wheezy-retro-0.0.7

You can always check the ChangeLog and NextRelease (suggestions are welcome).
Official ODROID forum discussion here.

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